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Business on the web and trends!

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Guest speaker Bruno Guglielminetti.

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SADC general manager, Mr. Pierre Monette, and guest speakerr, Mr. Bruno Guglielminetti.

Maniwaki, February 9, 2017 – The answers provided by Bruno Guglielminetti are clear: businesses must capitalize on the opportunities and challenges created by new technologies.

He expressed his viewpoint at an activity day last February 8 at the Auberge du Draveur in Maniwaki. For starters, in the morning and the afternoon, a group of thirteen businesses reflected on how to do business on the web in their own specific context.

The format that was developed jointly with the Gatineau Valley SADC enabled participating businesses to acquire new knowledge, exchange thoughts and ideas amongst themselves on problems and successes and come up with one or several actions to be taken to respond to their needs and their abilities.

Secondly, the fifty-five or so attendees at the conference luncheon discovered the technological and consumer trends confronting us.

From k4 television to home automation to the development of social media, Mr. Guglielminetti reviewed the elements that could disrupt the way we do and see things.

Of course, not everyone embraces change at the same rate, but all feel its influence in one way or another.

Anne-Marie Piché of Piché & Lacroix CPA Inc. really enjoyed the event. She noted that we are exposed to a lot of information about this topic but do not always realize the impact and consequences of using technologies within our reach.

For his part, Pierre Monette, the General Manager of SADC, indicated that this activity was part of one of SADC’s orientations of supporting businesses as they make the move over to information and communications technologies (ICT).

In addition to its regular tools it provides, SADC does have programs that can help businesses on this issue. The innovation, web growth and ICT growth programs are offered to Gatineau Valley businesses.

He also said that the programs also provide SADC’s personalized advisory services. He invited entrepreneurs from the region to contact a member of the SADC team for more information.

In closing, we wish to point out that Bruno Guglielminetti said he was impressed by both the quality of the participants he met at this event and the interest they showed.

Pierre Monette, General Manager, Gatineau Valley SADC


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