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Are you seeking information about your area’s economy or some other information?

The SADC has a wide range of analysis and research tools. It also has recognized expertise in the field. The Réseau has been using ongoing performance monitoring for more than 14 years to gather information on some one hundred indicators.

In addition, the SADC conducts different studies in its area using tools that can then be made available to the public free-of-charge. Such tools are essential to the development of businesses and community projects.

Analysis tools

MIG link (Geographic Information Module)

This one-of-a-kind, user-friendly tool, developed by the Réseau des SADC, makes it possible to perform thematic and cartographic analyses of neighbourhoods, villages, MRCs or municipalities. You can find a community's consumer habits, level of education, business information and much, much more!

info entrepreneurs

Info entrepreneurs link

This agency offers business information and reference services so users can find specialized resources (requests concern financial assistance, licences, demographic data, statistics, industrial profiles, consumer trends, etc.) Through an agreement, the SADC gains access to free consulting hours that are offered to entrepreneurs in its area.


triangle MIG

Know our environment

To work in community development, make the right strategic decisions and promote the emergence of enterprises, one must first know his environment. That is why the SADC has different tools to quickly get a wealth of information.


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