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The SADC’s mission is to encourage the community to actively take charge of its future, which is achieved through the development of the community’s vision within the context of sustainable development.

Through activities that support joint action and partnership, SADC prompts the community to adjust and to plan their  various requirements relating to all of their human resources to ensure that the community grows and evolves based on  current and future realities.

The SADC supports business and job creation through advisory and financial services from the perspective of profitability and viability.


  • Help the community and individuals in an atmosphere of understanding and open-mindedness within the parameters of our spheres of activity.
  • Emphasize excellence.
  • Be frank.
  • Avoid misleading people into thinking that funding opportunities exist when none do.
  • Remain neutral and impartial without influence.
  • Respect partners and/or organizations that adhere to their own mandate and vision.
  • Create a climate conducive to exchanges, cooperation and partnership.
  • Ensure the confidentiality of cases at all times.


As an agency, SADC shapes and brings about the necessary changes based on the issues confronting our areas so that they can adjust to these changes by promoting the well-being and growth of persons who make up our community.

As the organization which people turn to for expertise and know-how in business in our RCM, we strive to be at the forefront of innovation and change.


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For nearly 40 years, the SADC Vallée-de-la-Gatineau has contributed toward stimulating its community so it can take hold of its future.


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