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The some 6610 cottages on the Gatineau Valley territory
will be opened for the season

These customers are right there and are worth knowing

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Now that spring has finally arrived, the some 6610 cottages on the Gatineau Valley territory will be opened for the season. As a result, our population will double from 20,000 to 40,000 during the summer.

This phenomenon has gradually taken hold over the years and has contributed much to the region’s economic boom. Back in 2005, this clientele spent around $28M annually on consumer expenses relating to their secondary residence in the Gatineau Valley, a figure that spiked to $51.9M in 2014 (reference: Study on Vacationers in the Gatineau Valley RCM by Zins Beauchesne et associés for SADC in 2014).

This segment of the population spends 20% of their time in the region. Not only are they Gatineau Valley residents, but they are also neighbors and friends. They have a feeling of belongingness to the region and are committed to encouraging local businesses. Numerous entrepreneurs have developed a business relationship with them, recognize them and even address them by name.

These customers are right there and are worth knowing. However, do they know you? It’s in your interest for them to know you so stand out! Vacationers like businesses that are unlike the large, impersonal big-box stores they are used to. Adapt your products and services. Go to our website where you can see the portrait of this clientele and how you could meet their needs.

  • Study on vacationers in the Gatineau Valley RCM - Final report : click here >>

If you need help developing a strategy on how to reach this market, contact us. We have become quite familiar with this clientele over the years, and we would be pleased to guide you.

If you missed out on our newsletters last year, they are still available in the “blog” section of our website. Eleven aspects were reviewed, and you will certainly be able to find some information that will be useful to your business.

Our region has two markets – the local population and vacationers. This is the envy of many regions who would like to enjoy an advantage such as this. Don’t miss our next newsletter which will describe in detail what sets these two clienteles apart.



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