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Vacationing in the Gatineau Valley :
a promising niche

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A French comedian once said that cities should be built in the country where the air is far better!  Though this brings a smile to the faces of most people, approximately 20,566 people take this literally and flock to the Gatineau Valley territory each week to enjoy its tranquility and beauty.

The 2006 and 2014 studies on vacationers (owners of secondary residences) in the Gatineau Valley gave us an opportunity to find out more about these residents, pinpoint their needs and understand their habits as consumers. This is all information useful to businesses wishing to tailor their service and product mix to this specific clientele.

Highlights of these studies

Conducted in 2014 2006 Variance
Number of secondary residences 6,427 6,047 (2003) +380
Total duration of stays in the past year 79.9 nights 67 nights +12.9 nights
Income 37%
$100,000 and over
$100,000 and over
+8.2 %
Age 59.3 years 53.9 years +5.4 years
Where from 81%
- 9%
Secondary residence-related expenses incurred in the Gatineau Valley $52M* $20M $+32M

* These expenses are mainly incurred in the following categories: hardware and construction materials, food (excluding restaurants), gas and fuel, alcohol (excluding restaurants), purchase and repair of motor vehicles (cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, quads, boats, etc.)


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«This initiative by SADC is vitally important in terms of entrepreneurship, since it paves the way to the creation of jobs and small companies.  Better still, it could spawn projects that will help strengthen our young people’s feeling of belongingness to the Gatineau Valley and keep them in the region.  Those are the results we strive to achieve when we help communities take control of their socioeconomic development,» pointed out Pierre Monette, the Director General of the Gatineau Valley SADC.


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  • Project to adapt the retail market to the new vacationers market (2006) : final report >> (French)
  • Component 2 of the adaptation project - Consumption survey - Vacationers market : final report >> (French)
  • Study on vacationers in the Gatineau Valley RCM (2014) : final report >>



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