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Attracting and appealing to potential employees

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A survey conducted in December 2018 by BIP Recherche for the Gatineau Valley SADC revealed that worker retention and recruitment rank among the major labour challenges confronting companies on the territory. However, upstream from recruiting and retention, there is another equally important task, and that is attracting workers.

Even before a position is posted, how does a company go about ensuring that the right people get the urge to join the team? It is a matter of image, among other things. Much energy is expended to market the company’s products or services, but the same amount of energy must be devoted to enhancing the company’s image on the job market.

Companies operate in a market today where employees do have a choice. There are more vacancies than there are employees to fill them, a phenomenon that will be around for several years to come. So what’s the answer? Companies must be proactive and pay close attention to their image at all times. This includes describing its values, its history, the employee experience the company provides, promoting its assets, and so on. Companies that have a clear, distinctive identity they convey at all times will be a step ahead. Appeal is the name of the game these days!

To discuss this topic and many other labour-related issues, SADC and its partners wish to invite you to attend a symposium on labour succession in Gatineau Valley companies, which will be held next February 26 and 27 at the Auberge du Draveur in Maniwaki. Watch for more details to be provided shortly on Facebook, the SADC website and on social media.



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