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Preparing for the resumption

For several weeks now, many Gatineau Valley businesses have been reeling from the effects of COVID-19. For the vast majority, repercussions have been immediate and drastic.

Although most of us are weathering this crisis as we go about our daily lives, all of us must react to the way it evolves from day to day. This pandemic arrived suddenly and directly affected the operations of all companies. We never could have imagined such a scenario just a few short weeks ago.

All of us have been in reactive mode in dealing with this event. We have had to adjust to various government-issued directives to limit the potentially devastating effects it could have on our societies. This worldwide crisis will go down in history and will forever change the way we function. Many things including our lifestyles, which we took for granted, will prompt reflection going forward, requiring us to make changes.

In the business world, there is one common denominator that applies to all businesses big and small – the ability to adapt to the day-to-day reality of their operations. Now that we are facing this crisis, the ability of entrepreneurs to adapt makes perfect sense.

Preparing the aftermath

Against this backdrop, we at the Gatineau Valley SADC believe the time is right for certain business to rethink their operations and to take advantage of this down time to review, correct, restructure, explore and plan the future of our companies, because our economic activities will resume. That is why we want to launch a recovery plan for Gatineau Valley businesses.

We want to be proactive with our entrepreneurs and take advantage of this time to relaunch our businesses. Many government programs are available at this time, and others will be added to assist companies. We must know how to take advantage of the situation, turn the downsides of the current pandemic to our advantage and prepare for the recovery.

We would thus like to know what activities you are involved in and what you specifically need, and this includes your cash position, given that you perhaps had some payment deferrals, government remittances, a moratorium on some of your obligations, and so on.

Will you need some new inventory, new equipment or additional working capital? What will your labour requirements be when the recovery arrives? Will you hire back all of your staff immediately or progressively? If you did receive government assistance (loans with moratoria of a few months), what effect will this have on your financial and debt ratios, your ability to repay, cash position, etc.? Will this involuntary pause and the anticipated change in consumer behaviour force you to review your business model? These are some of the questions you have to be asking yourself at this stage in order to plan effectively the resumption of your operations.

Tell us about you

In the coming days, SADC will be presenting a series of articles on various government financial assistance programs and other topics that could directly concern you. These articles are intended to enlighten you as to how these programs and other issues could potentially affect your business.

SADC advisers are available to help you complete the document, as required. They can be reached by phone or email (Nathalie Patry at (819) 449-1551 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Julie Bénard at (819) 449-1551 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).



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