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The Vacationers Clientele

A Series of Options that could provide Avenues

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It’s a well-known fact that vacationers play an important role in the Gatineau Valley economy. Some businesses on the territory state that vacationers account for up to 75% of their total annual sales. That is a strong statement.

A study by the Gatineau Valley SADC in 2014 showed that owners and occupants of secondary residences spend close to $52 million annually in the Gatineau Valley on consumer goods. This is important for companies here which, with 66.6% of spending related to secondary residences within the MRC, are doing well. The question is how do we capture a portion of the $24.3 million spent outside the territory.

In the coming weeks, the Gatineau Valley SADC will present a series of options that could provide avenues you could take to boost your company’s fortunes through the development of this important clientele. The various tips that you could experiment with in your company fall within the following categories:

  1. Make use of the 5 senses
  2. Provide services adapted to expectations
  3. Clear and distinctive signage
  4. Improved sales areas
  5. Build a customer relationship from the initial contact
  6. Make the most of the digital era
  7. Promote your values
  8. Remain in contact over the winter
  9. Adapt your products and services
  10. What vacationers are seeking
  11. Retain your authenticity

Watch for what we will be sending out shortly to learn more about each of these items.


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